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Partnering with Libraries for over 25 Years

Whitehots began with the vision of two people, Sharon and Russ Culver, and now we’re a growing team of 60 people.

A client of ours once told us we are a Canadian success story. The best part of this incredible compliment is knowing that our success is built on helping Canadian libraries grow and advance in rapidly changing times.

Russ Culver, Sharon Culver, and Edmund Salt



We’ve visited and worked with libraries all across Canada, coast-to-coast.


The future of public libraries is an exciting one of innovations where print and digital media meet to promote literacy across Canada.  Whitehots is dedicated to exploring these new frontiers to help Canadian libraries realize new heights of success.

Our mission is to share our expertise and technology with libraries, connecting books to libraries and their customers.


Contact us today to start writing a new chapter in your library’s story!

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